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Learning to play a musical instrument is a lifelong pursuit. We’re here to educate and fuel your passion every step of the way.

Inspired By Passion

The So Musical Association was founded by musicians for musicians. Our goal is to help aspiring performers of all skill levels master their chosen instrument and share their talent.

So… What do you want to learn today?

Theory & Technique

Learn the fundamental skills. This includes how to read sheet music, musical scales, conducting, and rhythm. Master the basics of any instrument.

How to Play

Whether you haven’t played a note or have been playing for years, our curated resources will teach you the skills specific to your chosen instrument.

Find an instructor

When learning an instrument, it helps to have a teacher. Search the So Musical Association’s database for qualified instructors in your area.

Instructor Selection Criteria

20 years of honoring Top music Programs

Since 2004, the So Musical Association has recognized the top music education programs within the United States. Programs and instructors who demonstrate the following are considered for the association’s annual So Musical Educator Awards:

• Comprehensive teaching curriculum
• Community engagement
• Musical acumen
• Student satisfaction

Want to nominate a music teacher? Tell us why you believe they should be considered here.

Have another music related question?

Don’t be shy! Our association is here to help you pursue your passion. Submit your question, and a member of our staff will be happy to assist.